Hi everyone!
It’s been sometime since I’ve updated this medical blog. I hope it has served you well in your medical studies as much as it did for myself. Good news, I have completed my phase 1 medical studies (MBBS) or equivalent to USMLE Step 1.
Due to my hectic schedule, I haven’t managed to put on a better template for this blog. It also seems that the Google Site Search’s pretty messed up as well. However, lookout for a major revamp soon! I will try to make this blog more user friendly, so that lecture notes can be easily found.
So far, there are basic sciences lecture notes on all organ systems except Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Haematology and Gastrointestinal Systems. That will probably take some time for me to update, probably after the blog revamp. I will also be starting off a mailing list and twitter account so that you guys can get notified for any updates as well as quiz and tips!
Here’s my blog analytics from 8th February to 6th March 2011:
My blog’s average is around 4,000 uniques per week and can reach up til 20,000 uniques per month. These are from returning visitors as well as referred first time visitors from search engines and other sites.
61% of visitors are from the United States – so the syllabus covered in this blog is relevant to USMLE students as well.
Do drop me an e-mail at terrichan88@gmail.com – even just a howdy!


Terri is obsessed with making medical school as painless as possible. She studies and compiles medical school notes in a concise, easy-to-understand format. She also enjoys reading contributions by others. She is an investor in sustainability projects. Her ideal weekend is wine tasting and experimenting on bread-making. She has yet to master the art of Sourdough baking.

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rahma · August 30, 2012 at 7:02 pm

I am medical student i like to read more and more to be very strong

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