Hey Yo! I’m trying out this online quiz app that might improve my revision. Absolutely great if you’re pressed for time, attempt the questions to refresh your knowledge and you will find that online quizzes are infact active learning. You’re bound to remember something easier when you’ve been asked (no matter whether you’ve got it right/wrong) than when you’ve been told about it.

This is just a tryout. I’m going to embed the quiz created using http://proprofs.com into this blog.

Try this out! You can also choose the full-screen option. But I would suggest to keep it at this size for easy viewing and navigation.

The good thing is, you can edit the quiz, and add more questions whenever you want. That’s awesome, really.

All the best with your quiz-making!


  1. I liked the presentation and found it helpful. But it is only a summery and you need to specify your audience. Semalign Paul


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