Just a collection of important points in the lecture:

  • 30-70 years old
  • biological & physical changes
  • Psychological implications
    • wrinkles, grey hair etc
    • may still think of themselves as young
    • may not appreciate being called old
  • Difficult period
    • reorientation of life goals
    • masculinity
    • famininity

Carl Jung’s phases of midlife ( 5 phases)

  • Accommodation
    • meeting other’s expectations
  • Separation
    • reject the accommodated self
  • Liminality
    • period of uncertainty
  • Reintegration
    • becoming comfortable with identity
  • Individuation
    • accepting undesirable aspects of own character

Midlife crisis

  • discontent
  • boredom
  • adventurous
  • confusion
    • by 40 yo aware that bodies are slowing down
    • feel like ageing process is speeding up

Oestrogen related symptoms

  • Hot flushes
  • night sweats
  • vaginal dryness
  • painful intercourse
  • urine leakage

Somatic symptoms

  • increase risk for heart disease & osteoporosis
  • difficulty sleeping
  • stiffness in the joints, neck / shoulders

Reproductive changes in man

  • Changes are gradual
  • Drop in testosterone
    • 48-70 yo
  • Andropause/Viropause (same as menopause)
    • lack of testosterone
    • hot flushes
    • chills
    • rapid heart rate
    • nervousness
    • fatigue
    • sleep disturbances
    • reduced libido
    • anger


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