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Important key points

  • Epidermis (ectoderm)
    • Stratum corneum
    • S. lucidum
      • only in thick skin (sole, palms)
    • S. granulosum
      • 1st layer that has nuclei
      • cuts off nutrition to cells above
    • S. spinosum
      • thickest layer
      • together with S. basale = Malpighian layer
    • S. basale
      • cell renewal
  • Dermis (mesoderm)
    • Papillary layer
      • Collagen type 3
      • Meissners’s corpuscles: touch
      • Krauses’s end bulb: cold
      • Free nerve endings: pain
    • Reticular layer
      • Collagen type 1
      • Muscle cells
      • Pacinian corpuscles: pressure
      • Ruffini end organ: heat
  • Hypodermis
    • Loose connective tissue
    • Fat

Langerhan’s : Immune

Merkel: Mechanoreceptors (touch, fingers)


  • Eccrine
    • cholinergic innervation
    • watery secretion
    • thermoregulatory
  • Apocrine
    • sympathetic control
    • viscous secretion

Langer’s line: crease line, minimal scar


  • C6: thumb
  • T4: nipple
  • T10: umbilicus
  • L5: dorsum of foot
  • S1: sole of foot
  • S2-S4: perineum


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